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Are you unable to accommodate servers in your own facility?  Do you want to avoid the hassle and maintenance of purchasing your own servers?  Have you been looking into co-location and data center options?

Vann Data can provide hosting to protect your data 24x7x365. Utilizing a data center doesn’t have to be expensive and the benefits are numerous! Your data is protected from fire and theft in a highly secure co-location facility. Your business can’t afford to be down, thus your data is also supplied backup power generators, filtered power and multiple connection feeds.

Do you need technology applications, equipment and services that easily scale up as your company grows? Does your business have a need for greater technology capabilities to serve its dynamically changing needs?

Access the resources and services you need to perform business and office technology functions through cloud technologies. By using stable, secure and highly scalable frameworks, Vann Data sets your business up for success and growth! Vann Data services eliminate the hassles of software upgrades and carving out additional office space for server equipment.  Wouldn’t it be easier to focus your technology budget on competitive advantage rather than application upgrades and infrastructure equipment?

Would you like reliable messaging plus mobile device synchronization without the expense and hassle of managing it yourself?

Vann Data's Hosted Exchange Solution gives you fast, reliable, spam-free email on your desktop, laptop and mobile devices without the expense and headaches of owning and managing your own email servers.  Please take advantage of our 30-day free trial to experience the system for yourself.

Do you have a redundant internet connection to provide failover protection when your carrier is down?  

We can help you find a low cost solution that will keep you connected.