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Computer Security Day: Vann Data Systems

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Sat, Nov 29, 2014 at 12:25PM

Imagine life if we had no security in an airport. We wouldn’t have to go through the TSA and check-in an hour or two earlier than our flight actually takes off. It would be nice, right? But then…we would have chaos. People would take advantage of the freedom we are given and our safety would be jeopardize. That is why we have certain securities in place for different situations that may occur. It helps provide safety and protection.

This is the same situation when it comes to the safety of your business. Not so much, walking through a full body scanners and being pat down by the security, but the security of your computers. On November 30, 1988, Computer Security Day was established to remind people to protect their computers’ information. This day gives professionals and their organization to raise the level of awareness of the security of their computers utilized by their employees. 

The information that any business collects is very sensitive information, this even includes an email contact. Being proactive toward securing client information is much better than being reactive once the information is stolen or leaked in the World Wide Web. As technology advances in a rapid speed, it is our due diligence to keep up with all the responsibilities that come with it. Just by installing anti-virus programs to your computer will help prevent a business melt down.

As nice as it is to have high speed technology and programs that allow us to complete our jobs at a fast pace, it also has a flip side. This in turn means hackers and intruders will be trying to breach businesses firewalls and we have to be ready to protect it.

Imagine life if we had no security. It would be chaos. 

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