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Disaster Recovery Planning

Don’t become a statistic!  According to the National Archives and Record Administration in Washington, 70% of business people have experienced some sort of information technology data loss.  Knowing what risks exist as well as how likely they may be to occur, is an important step in determining how exposed a business’s IT assets are.

Threats come from internally as well as externally, from a disgruntled employee to a hurricane or electrical storm.  A business needs to know how much a crisis will “hurt” and how much “pain” the business can sustain.  Is any downtime acceptable?  How long can you go without specific functions? 

A disaster recovery plan identifies where unnecessary exposure to risks exist, plans for and prevents business interruptions, provides for the ability to continue your critical business functions during and immediately after and helps restore your business to pre-disaster conditions. 

Another statistic...more than 90% of businesses that lost access to their data for ten days or more filed for bankruptcy within a year.  Ensure you have a disaster tolerant IT environment.  Contact Vann Data today!