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Daytona Beach Email Protection / Spam Filtering

The most effective way to prevent spam is to block it before you even see it.  Ensure your attention is being directed at only the relevant and important messages and safeguard your business from viruses while boosting productivity.    Here are some important questions to answer:

  • How much time is spent deleting email each day by you and your employees?
  • How much disk space is being occupied by incoming spam emails?
  • Are you unnecessarily backing up spam along with your important data?
  • Could someone accidentally click a link and unleash a destructive virus on your network?
  • How much email would be lost if your server could not receive email because of a failure or your internet     connection was down for an extended period of time?

Vann Data offers vSafeMail, our email protection service which eliminates up to 98% of unwanted email.  Its filtering system is continually updated 2,000 to 4,000 times per day to ensure protection from even the newest spammer tricks and tactics.  No hardware or software is required and we can implement a thirty day trial at no cost or obligation to you. 

We also offer vSafe Emergency Email services which encrypt and queue mail for delivery once your service is back online after a catastrophic failure such as hurricane or fire. 

Contact us — you have nothing to lose...except your spam!