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Virus  - A self-replicating program that inserts copies of itself into other executable programs or documents.  Viruses can create, move or delete files and consume your computer’s memory. 

Malware  - Software designed to cause damage and disruption to a computer system

Spyware  - Hidden software that collects and sends information (keystrokes, usernames, passwords, email, documents and screen captures) without the user’s consent over the internet to an attacker

Viruses continue to evolve and become more and more dangerous and difficult to detect and stop.  Add into the mix the malware and spyware and it can become a difficult task to properly protect your data.  It is imperative to have proper anti-virus software installed and properly configured to best protect your data, PCs and network. 

You may not feel that small to medium size businesses share in these threats.  However, they often have more to lose than a large enterprise in regards to lost or compromised sensitive data, the cost of lost time and productivity and the cost of implementing effective countermeasures.  Also, the smaller the business, the fewer human and technology resources are available to counter the treat. 

Rely on Vann Data to keep your computer’s immune system strong and healthy.