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3 More Ways Florida IT Staffing Can Help Your Non-Profit

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Sat, Jul 24, 2021 at 3:20PM

3 More Ways Florida IT Staffing Can Help Your Non-Profit

When you’re focused on growing your non-profit, it seems like there’s simply not enough time in the day to accomplish every task that requires attention. By the end of the month, you might be feeling frustrated and even overwhelmed at the fact that something always seems to fall by the wayside. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Instead, when you partner with a dynamic and dependable Florida IT staffing firm, you can keep your focus on the most important endeavors on your agenda. Plus, having instant access to a reliable computer service in Orlando means your valuable equipment will always be in great shape. That keeps you on top of meeting essential outreach and fundraising goals. Read on to discover some of the most important ways IT staffing helps your non-profit succeed.

1) Streamlined Digital Experience

These days, donors and volunteers expect a solid digital presence. This is important even if you’re operating on a small budget with a shoestring staff. When people get a less-than-stellar first impression upon viewing your website and digital materials (or lack thereof), they’ll simply move on to another opportunity.

Avoid that fate by reaching out to a responsible firm expert at IT support in Orlando and throughout Central Florida. This way, you can ensure that your donors and volunteers are always treated to the instant communication and information they crave and expect.

2) Improved Engagement

To that end, it’s essential that your non-profit is consistently accessible to a variety of audiences using different devices. That means your website must meet ADA requirements and conform to standards for mobile display. It’s also a good idea to foster a lively social media presence.

In addition, many non-profits share a concern that they may not be getting the most from donor data and information gleaned through fundraising strategies. When you team with a firm well-versed with networks in Daytona Beach, it’s simple and straight-forward to connect offices and individuals working toward the same goal, even if they’re in different locations.

3) Optimal Efficiency  

By placing a focus on the details in this way, you’ll also get “at your fingertips” access to development and engagement data that can directly translate into dollars donated. Online tools (such as a customer relationship management platform, also known as a CRM) allow you to track individual donors and glean information such as contribution history, engagement, type of connection (such as social media), and more. Other similar tools and services are also available.

In fact, we’ve assisted countless business leaders across Central Florida with a variety of innovative services. That includes IT planning and budgeting, cloud services, helpdesk services, proactive IT management, and more. We’re also well known as the premier resource for Palm Coast computer repair. Contact us today to discover all the ways Vann Data can assist your non-profit in meeting its goals.

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