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4 Advantages of Disaster Recovery Services for Your Business

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Tue, Feb 15, 2022 at 9:00AM

4 Advantages of Disaster Recovery Services for Your Business

The loss of critical data can set back any business and easily throw off a company’s entire network and database. Having a disaster recovery plan, however, can help eliminate the chances of a complete disaster from taking place and save your business from long interruptions and heavy costs.

There are several advantages of having our expert and efficient team at Vann Data provide your company with Disaster Recovery Protection (DRP) solutions – the most important one being business continuity. Other ways your business could benefit from such a service are explained below.

Cost Efficiency

Data disasters can end up costing your business in several ways. A single incident has factors that can cause along with the loss of data, loss of income, productivity, and possibly important clients. Vann Data’s state of the art DRP solutions offer both cloud based as well as on-site data backup solutions, which can save you from spending unnecessary money on hardware, storage, restoration, and recovery.

Quicker Data Recovery

The longer it takes for your business to recover after a data disaster, the more money, and clients you could potentially loose. To control a data disaster with an inhouse team, you may take away your staff from important work they may have been in the middle of, only to put them in a situation they may not be able to perform too well in. With an experienced IT support team that knows exactly how to identify and fix data specific problems, you can be rest assured that your data will be recovered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Increased Productivity

A disaster recovery plan requires a team of professionals that know exactly what they are doing to complete their task in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. Having such a support system inhouse can cause you to spend a lot of money and take away from your IT team that has other tasks to manage. With your employees focusing on their own tasks, our team can focus on ensuring your data remains safe and backed up. Thus if any issue were to arise, it could easily be restored with the least amount of time wasted.

Customer Satisfaction

If you have a business that thrives because of client satisfaction, you need to ensure that your services are never short on providing them with the excellent experience they expect from you. To do that, you must make sure each component of your business works flawlessly and there are no interruptions or breaches that can cause your customers to lose their trust or patience in your company. Disaster recovery planning allows businesses to maintain their quality of service and integrity even when there are hiccups in the way. With an expert team working on keeping your data safe and backed up, there is very little risk of any downtime and loss of information. 

To learn more about our Daytona Beach IT services, contact us at Vann Data and have our team of experts explain how your business can benefit from disaster recovery services.

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