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The importance of IT support - Half of Americans were hacked last year

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Mon, Jun 02, 2014 at 11:25AM

For both national corporations and small businesses in Orlando IT support can stop huge hacks.


Cybersecurity has always been an important aspect for businesses to consider, especially for those that deal with clients. However, the need for more fortified security is becoming greater due to the increasing frequency of major data leaks due to cyberattacks. According to recent research by the Ponemon Institute, 47 percent of Americans had personal information accessed by hackers on the Internet, and much of that information was accessed through hacks into major corporations’ customer databases.


One of the most high-profile data leaks of the last year was the hacking of the Target Corporation, which yielded the complete credit card information of millions of Target shoppers. The popular auction website eBay also recently advised their millions of users to change their account passwords after a massive data breach.


Those companies were certainly not alone – a survey among American businesses showed that over 75 percent had security incidents in the last year, and that statistic is predicted to only get worse. Worryingly, only 38 percent of American businesses invest in strategic cybersecurity.


If American businesses learn something from the last year, hopefully it is that cybersecurity is growing more important by the day. Whether you are a multinational corporation or an up-and-coming business based in Sanford or Daytona computer repair and cybersecurity companies can often be the best solution. For IT support Orlando -based companies like Vann Data can often be the difference between having a respectable client-based business and a data disaster.



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