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Your Smartphone, Your Business

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Tue, Apr 05, 2016 at 11:40PM

Smartphones may have started out as devices for texting, calling and taking photos—but they’ve evolved into something we use for our social and business lives every day. They help us keep track of inventory, ease client communication, and much, much more.

Below, we’re looking at the role of the smartphone in today’s modern business.

Streamlined communication when you need it most

Smartphones exist, first and foremost, to streamline communication—and in business, that’s something we can appreciate. Whether you’re discussing a business venture or are in a pinch and need last-minute support, your smartphone can help you make the calls you need instantly. Unlike returning an email or office line call, our smartphones get pertinent information to us in real time. What more could we ask for?

Transactions made simple

In addition to simplifying the “behind the scenes” processes that make up a business, our smartphones let us work with customers one on one when it comes to making a sale. With additional items and technologies that attach to your phone for instant pay, you can serve customers in a new, more convenient way—which you love and your customers appreciate.

Easy bill paying

Running a business can be expensive—but with a smartphone on your side, paying bills for your business can at least be a simple process! Mobile bill paying is on its way to replacing paper systems, and it’s a convenient way to stay on top of your finances despite the busy nature of your workplace.

The social side of business

Finally, our smartphones let us be social and interact with our customers in a way unlike anything we’ve experienced before. We can update our websites, share posts on Twitter, Facebook and other sites, and keep an eye on the trends and issues that shape our industry—all from the palm of our hand.

Work connectivity

With a smartphone, you can get more done even outside of office hours. When we help you connect to your business network, you will be able to keep track of tasks and project progress with ease—which, if you live and breathe for your business, can make time off work a little less stressful.

We rely on our smartphones for business—and they deserve the same care and attention we’ve traditionally given to computers throughout the years. Call our office today for help optimizing your smartphone for business use or connecting it to your business network!

Your Smartphone, Your Business

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