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Florida VOIP: Understanding Your VOIP System

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Thu, Jul 23, 2015 at 11:39AM

If you’re in the process of optimizing your office, one of the biggest spots for improvement might be your telephone or voice over internet protocol (VOIP) system. The phone is such an important part of client communication—in many instances, over the phone communication is your client’s first impression of you and your business—and if you’re not using your system to its highest potential, why not?

Today, we’ll be discussing how VOIP works, and how it can help you and your business!

VOIP simply refers to how your business makes and receives calls. Instead of using the traditional landline system, you can use a VOIP system to make and receive calls on a network—and all you need is a device capable of making those calls and a connection to the internet. You’re probably already familiar with a few VOIP applications, even if you don’t use the system in your office yet. If you have ever used Skype, MSN Messenger, or any other online voice or video chat program, you’ve used VOIP!

Online VOIP applications are extremely useful, but your use of VOIP systems isn’t limited to your smartphone or computer. You can actually turn traditional telephone signals into digital ones right in your office! You’ll just need an adapter to help you do that—and once you do, you’ll be able to convert your regular phone calls and voicemail messages into data that you can access from outside the office.

As you can probably guess, there are several benefits to having a VOIP system set up in your office. It can be a lifesaver for remote access workers, since they will be able to make and receive phone calls without having to physically be in the office. You will be able to make calls at your laptop or desktop with a microphone and headset, so there’s no need to constantly be holding a phone by your ear. Just like the cloud, VOIP telephone systems allow you to work more flexibly, which is always a plus in the world of business.

And, of course, VOIP is client friendly—which is good for business. It can reduce caller wait time (and the instance of missed calls) and make communication easier on both sides of the call. VOIP systems can even help to facilitate long distance phone calls and conference calls, so they can make communicating in these situations even better.

Since the very nature of VOIP requires that you have a fast internet connection to use it, you may want to run a checkup of your office network to make sure that everything is running as smoothly as possible.

Setting up VOIP in your office is actually a pretty simple, straightforward process… and it doesn’t require any hassle on your part! We can come into your office, work with you to determine what VOIP setup will work best, and do all the installation of cables so you can relax and know that, when we’re done, you’ll have a highly-functioning telephone system in place. 

Florida VOIP: Understanding Your VOIP System

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