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Telecommuting: How Remote Network Access Can Help Your Business

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Fri, Aug 07, 2015 at 4:50PM

You may be familiar with the term “telecommuting”… but do you know exactly how much having remote network access can help to improve you and your business goals? In today’s blog, we’re discussing the ins and outs of remote network access—what it is, who should be using it, and how we can help you get it.

Before anything, let’s talk about what remote network access really means. It’s a broad term for a type of system that allows employees to access their company’s customer database, important files and programs without having to sit down in their physical office space.

You might have a question or two about how this works… maybe you’re wondering, isn’t that what the cloud does? And you’re partially right. Both systems were put into place to help employees, students and others who work in several different settings get the job done, no matter where they were. But while anyone and everyone can take advantage of cloud storage through the help of many different online applications, remote network access refers more to a specific system your company sets up to meet your own individual needs. It usually includes security measures and access to files and databases remote employees might need—it can also include remote desktop access, which means your remote employee can have access to (and work with) an in-office desktop computer. This is especially helpful when it comes to working on a project or achieving quick completion of tasks.

Who can/should use remote network access?

No matter what type of business you run, we can help you set up a remote access system to meet your needs. If you aren’t already using such a system, it might be time to consider it. You might benefit from it if you…

  • are the head of a company and are thinking about working from home more often. We often see company leadership looking to work remotely while still managing their business and keeping an eye on in-office activities. That’s the thing about remote access… you don’t need to fully work at home! It just adds the option of doing so for your convenience.
  • are experiencing problems with productivity. Even the best business can suffer because of a shortage of time to complete a project, and the restriction of working only in the office can be harmful if an employee can’t make it in or the office is closed for some reason. By allowing remote access to your employees, you can solve these issues and more.
  • are self-employed. Even if you don’t have an office full of computers, you can still benefit from setting up remote network access for a home computer so that you’re free to travel for work without losing access to important programs and files.
  • are on the go. One of the biggest benefits of using remote network access is that you don’t have to suffer the consequences of forgetting to attach files to an email or thumb drive… if you’re at one computer and not the other, you can simply access what you need quickly and efficiently.

We can help you and your Central Florida business set up remote network access easily and affordably… just give us a call and schedule a consultation today!

Telecommuting: How Remote Network Access Can Help Your Business

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