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The Benefits of Daytona Beach Email Protection

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Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 2:20PM

Optimizing your business email protection is a great way to make your work life more convenient… and it can also keep you and your business safe from threats online and damages to your company’s day-to-day functions. Let’s look at how:

Spam filtering is a time saver.

It’s a common belief in business that time is money—so why would you spend your time looking through and deleting spam messages? Optimizing your email to screen and delete your messages for you can save you lots of time… and that’s just good business!

It can help you and your employees avoid risky clicks.

By now, you probably already know to avoid clicking on risky, unfamiliar links or attachments—but the more emails you receive, the less easy it is to discern what’s safe and what’s not. And even if you’re constantly vigilant, your employees may not always be so careful. A 2014 Symantec report found that 41% of spam emails contained malicious links, which are easier to “fall for” than downloadable attachments. You can eliminate the chance of an accidental click ever happening by enlisting the help of a program that’s hard on spam.

It will save you space.

Have you ever had to deal with the effects of a full mailbox? You’re left to delete messages manually while important emails can’t reach you. In business, this isn’t a risk worth taking. Having a dedicated spam filtering program can prevent this from ever happening. It can also make backing up the important emails easier and faster—you won’t have to worry about deleting unnecessary messages later on, and the won’t prevent you from seeing the messages you really need, when you need them.

You can get your mail even after your network goes down.

A big hurricane, thunderstorm, fire or other natural disaster used to mean you lost out on important data, client information and files. Now, backup software has made it easier for you to hold on to important documents during and following accidents. But did you know you can protect your emails in the same way? You can use a protection and delivery service to gain access to important work emails following natural disasters or accidents, so these events don’t have to mean business is down!

Are you looking for an email protection or spam filtering program that can make doing business easier, faster and more efficient? We can help you with that. Our vSafeMail service filters spam messages constantly—it makes updates 2000 to 4000 times a day—and can prevent up to 98% of unwanted/unnecessary email from ever getting to you. We also offer vSafe Emergency Email. This is the backup solution you need to improve your company’s communication. Not only does this program keep your messages safe in the event of network damage… it encrypts your emails as well, to protect sensitive information from unwanted access following damaging events, when your information is at its most vulnerable. Call us today to see how you can implement these solutions in your own office!

The Benefits of Daytona Beach Email Protection

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