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Why Your Business Needs More Bandwidth

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Thu, May 17, 2018 at 9:30AM

Why Your Business Needs More Bandwidth

Though it’s become a corporate buzzword, reliable and ample bandwidth is essential to the continued success of any company. In order to function effectively in today’s highly-competitive business world, you must provide employees and customers with instant communication capability, without the prospect of being interrupted due to ‘technical difficulties.’

Having a reliable Internet connection is more than a luxury. These days, online marketing endeavors rely on fast speeds to deliver high-quality video content and the real-time transfer of important news and information. Still, cost considerations and other factors make determining the right amount of bandwidth for your business a potentially confusing task. Use this advice to find the best solutions for the unique requirements of your business:  

Take Stock of Usage

The best way to understand how much bandwidth your company needs is to investigate how your employees and customers currently use your systems. For instance, is all or part of your business operation conducted online? Do team members and clients require access to your company’s technology assets to satisfy their tasks? Will employees and/or customers be downloading or uploading large files?

Once you’ve found answers to these and other questions, it’s also wise to keep in mind projected growth of the company, and how that will affect the required bandwidth.

Consider Cloud Storage

Many companies today are storing large amounts of information using cloud software. This eases (but doesn’t eliminate) the necessity for increased on-site bandwidth capability. If your company isn’t yet relying on the cloud to store data, it’s wise to contact a professional skilled in such services (including Florida VoIP) who can help you determine how doing so will benefit your current needs and goals.

It’s important to realize that cloud computing doesn’t negate the need for reliable bandwidth. Instead, your company will still require expedited access to data storage. Essentially, cloud activity coupled with online usage can give you a general idea of the amount of bandwidth required.

Understand the Benefits

Especially for smaller companies competing with larger businesses, ample bandwidth is essential. Along with the mentioned attributes, other benefits include improved employee communication and collaboration, increased device connectivity, and reduced employee costs. Video conferencing tools can reduce or eliminate the need for costly business travel.

Explore all the benefits of increased bandwidth and more by reaching out to a skilled and dedicated professional IT team. For years, Vann Data has assisted companies across Central Florida with a variety of technical needs such as cloud services, disaster recovery, network and IT security, enterprise wireless, IT planning and budgeting, and more.

For countless customers, we’re the go-to when it comes to computer repair in New Smyrna Beach and across the region. Contact us today to discover how we can assist with all your data storage and technology-related needs.


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