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5 Important Steps When an Employee Leaves

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Thu, Nov 15, 2018 at 1:05PM

5 Important Steps When an Employee Leaves

A reality of doing business today is downsizing staff. Sometimes, you’ll be forced to flat-out fire underperforming or otherwise disgruntled team members. While employers across Florida and the country would like to believe decisive corporate action is the end of an unhappy worker’s damage to the company, that’s not always the case.

In fact, employers

lost nearly $1.2 from employee theft

in 2017, according to a study from business insurance firm Hiscox. While researchers say much of that was in pilfered product, some outgoing workers helped themselves to proprietary and private information. For many companies, the leaking of such sensitive data would have catastrophic consequences.

Thankfully, there are ways you can protect your business from any number of employee retaliation scenarios. Here are some of the most common:

1) Protect Sensitive Data  

As a responsible business leader, your foremost concern is maintaining the security and integrity of the company. Regardless of whether an employee quits or is outright terminated, protecting technical assets is paramount. This process should begin immediately after a team member announces their intentions. In the event of downsizing or planned firing, you’ll have the luxury of pre-planning.

While your main focus remains on the growth and prosperity of the company, finding time for other duties can be cumbersome. That’s when it’s wise and beneficial to partner with a Florida IT staffing firm who can help you navigate this sometimes-confusing process. These reliable and dedicated professionals can help ensure important information at your company won’t be compromised by an outgoing worker.

In addition, technicians adept with IT support in Orlando and throughout Florida can put in place safeguards that protect your business at all times.

2) Make Legal Arrangements

Once an employee announces their intention to leave the company (or you’ve decided that the professional relationship must be severed), it’s essential to make sure both co-workers and the company as a whole are legally protected against potential retaliation. Speak with a qualified attorney to begin this process.

Ideally, you’ve already implemented a technology use agreement and had every employee sign such documentation before being allowed the privilege of using company equipment. Still, this is a good opportunity to revisit your policies and procedures.

Once you’ve met all legal requirements and the dust has settled from the employee’s exit, reach out to an expert firm skilled with networks in Daytona Beach. Doing so will help ensure the long-term technical security of your company’s digital assets.

3) Communicate Expectations

Along those same lines, ex-employees should be reminded of their professional agreements against sharing sensitive information. Documented proof of their early understanding of this policy should also be provided. This should be done even in scenarios of a “friendly split.”

Once the former worker has vacated the building, it’s likely you’ll need to update the company technology they were using. This includes computers and other devices. Streamline the process by contacting a firm well-versed with Daytona computer installation.

4) Inform Other Team Members 

Transparency and open communication are hallmarks of today’s business world. Clients, customers, and employees crave and expect your forthright honesty when it comes to daily business operations.

In the case of the latter group, informing employees (at an appropriate time) of the upcoming change in staffing helps solidify morale. Your team members will respect your candor, which could result in improved tenure and productivity. In some cases, these workers might even be able to recommend a replacement for the exiting employee. This will reduce downtime and/or shared duties during the interim.

5) Safeguard Company Assets

As mentioned, the protection of your company’s sensitive data is essential. The last thing you want or need is a disgruntled employee to reveal all your business secrets to a competitor. Worse, they might supply passwords and other information to hackers and cybercriminals who could create lasting and destructive consequences.

The good news is that you can avoid these and other situations by partnering with a trusted and reputable firm expert at Ormond Beach computer repair. Along with this service, Vann Data also specializes in a variety of other innovative IT solutions, including IT planning and budgeting, enterprise wireless, proactive IT management, and more.

In addition, we’ve built a solid reputation as the premier computer service in Orlando. Contact us today to discover how we can help take your business operations to the next level.

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