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Create an Advantage with These 4 Benefits of WiFi

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Sun, Dec 13, 2020 at 10:20PM

Create an Advantage with These 4 Benefits of WiFi

The benefits of WiFi are a game-changer for many small businesses. Providing the best possible experience for customers is not only a primary objective for these business owners, but also an opportunity to excel where larger businesses cannot. Providing employees and customers with fast and reliable WiFi satisfies the needs of all and creates a competitive advantage for your small business. Continue reading to learn how WiFi provides four impactful benefits to your business!


Increase Customer Satisfaction


Many customers think of Wifi at your business as a necessity. Previously a perk, this has become an expectation because it makes wait times for customers seem shorter and makes them more comfortable during unforeseen delays. With this accessibility at their disposal, your customers can perform their own research online, which enhances their confidence before any big purchasing decisions. Furthermore, by offering WiFi to guests, you can customize a branded customer portal to deliver coupons, news, and more while they sign in. Additionally, WiFi creates opportunities for customers to post testimonials about their experience to social networks, which ensures free promotion for your business.


Promote Productivity


Great WiFi is all about increasing productivity. Cloud-based apps make it possible to get work done from just about anywhere and collaborate with partners around the world. The cloud enables you to back up your data securely so you can still access it from anywhere, no matter what happens. These tools can consolidate and streamline your workflow, and because they run on the web, they do not require any installation time. Another option is to use WiFi to overhaul your telephone system. Voice over IP and other internet-based communication technologies let you effortlessly route and reroute calls, even if a key member of your team is on the go. They scale up easily for growth, or you can leverage them to take advantage of a distributed team. In case something goes wrong, they offer a high level of redundancy to keep you connected to your customers. Business-grade WiFi is the backbone of all these technologies, so you need a solid network to support them.


Boost Employee Satisfaction


One of the best ways to keep employees motivated and engaged is to put them in a position to succeed. You want your team to feel like you’re taking care of them, and if you’ve ever sat staring at a loading screen then you know what a difference a good WiFi connection makes for your productivity (and your mood). You want to get work done, not be sitting around waiting to even get started. Help your employees do their jobs better (and with less frustration) with a speedy and reliable WiFi connection. A wireless network also frees up your team to find the best space for them to focus, whether that is a quieter space down the hall or the bustling coffee shop next door. By allowing each employee to find an environment that best suits him or her at a particular time (and with cloud-based collaboration tools, that environment might be home), you increase productivity and employee satisfaction.


Improve Profits


All of the above business benefits come hand-in-hand with WiFi. You do not need expensive equipment or to spend hours to get something up and running to benefit from a great business network. Business WiFi is a smart investment that comes with a significant ROI.


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