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Do You Need a Back-to-School Laptop?

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Fri, Sep 01, 2017 at 12:00PM

Do You Need a Back-to-School Laptop?

Maybe you’re a student (or a parent of one). A new and improved laptop for the back-to-school season might be high on your list… but is it really necessary?

Take a look at today’s blog for a few easy questions to ask to determine whether you need a laptop—and, if not, what streamlined tech options might be worth considering for a straight-A semester. Just read on!

What kind of tasks will you be doing?

This is, of course, a big question to consider because it will guide your search (or lack thereof) for a new device. Are you a student who uses intensive graphics programs, for example, or other software that takes up lots of space or speed? Maybe you’d prefer a designated laptop that can handle it all.

On the other hand, if you’re more likely to use your device for reading, research, and some light word processing, you might do just fine with a sleeker tool like a tablet.

Do you already have a primary computer setup?

Also worth considering is how you might spend downtime on your device. If it’s your sole setup (i.e., you don’t have an additional computer at home), you probably want a versatile laptop that can be used for research and presentations as easily as it can be for music and video games on the weekend.

However, if you have a computer at home and don’t need as much versatility packed into your secondary device, don’t feel the need to pick up a powerful laptop. A tablet or, in some cases, your smartphone can do the job just as well for quick research and document review, saving your computer at home for the bulk of your off-time use.

How important is portability?

Finally, be sure to consider portability. For on-the-go students who travel from home to school to work and back again, a bulky device probably won’t cut it. Streamlined tools like thin 2-in-1 devices or standalone tablets can easily be slipped into a backpack or messenger bag and can save you from shelling out lots of money on a device that “does it all” when you don’t necessarily need it to.

Of course, the tech options we mentioned today aren’t just for students! If you’re interested in streamlining your digital experience at work, call Vann Data today—we’re here to help.









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