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Smart Tips for Your New Computer

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Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 1:42PM

Like many Americans, you may have your eyes set on a new computer to purchase this Black Friday. But once you have successfully made it through the crowds and picked up your great deal… now what? In today’s blog, we will be sharing some helpful tips to keep your new computer running as smoothly as possible from the moment you unbox it.

Install helpful software

The first thing you’ll want to do on your new computer—before you even think about any browsing, gaming or working—is to install helpful software that can keep you safe online (if it’s not already installed, that is). This includes antivirus software and, of course, anything else you will need on a regular basis like word processing programs.

Customize your computer

With this tip, we don’t just mean sticking a decal on the back of your laptop—which is actually a great way to add some flair to your computer! You can customize your computer in a wide variety of ways, today more than ever.

Some customization decisions are more based on function… for example, do you want to use the preinstalled toolbars that came with your computer, or would you rather switch them for something else (or lose them all entirely)? Many computer users opt for a more minimal setup without clunky add ons and toolbars, so this is a natural first step.

Other customization decisions are more based on your personal sense of style and computer enjoyment. This ranges from things like browser backgrounds to desktop wallpapers—whatever it is that you will see often! When it comes to aesthetic decisions, stick to photos, backgrounds and colors that you enjoy and are conducive to your computer needs like working or gaming.

Get in the habit of backing up

We understand—you might not have any photos or files on your new computer that warrant a backup just yet. But it is helpful to get into the habit of backing up regularly… that is, when you establish a backup routine early on you may be more likely to follow it later on.

Invest in helpful accessories

As you probably already know, there is a huge amount of helpful accessories that make computer ownership a little safer and more enjoyable. These range from the basic things you probably already thought about—like laptop cases and computer stands—to more specific items that can help with your specific field (such as tools for photographers or businesspeople, or even gamers!). Ask yourself what your specific goals are from the computer and you’ll know what accessories you ought to be looking for.

Stay safe

Our last tip is a simple but crucial one. When you purchase a new computer, you want it to last… so be sure to keep it safe by always traveling with a case, avoiding risky online actions, and other safety measures. By staying safe on the computer now, you’re easily avoiding lots of confusion and chaos down the line.


Smart Tips for Your New Computer

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