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Tips on How to Avoid Computer Eye Strain

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Sat, Jul 08, 2017 at 1:15PM

Tips on How to Avoid Computer Eye Strain

Do you ever work on your computer for hours in a row? Us too. With technology and productivity advancements of 2017 paving the way for our future success, it can be hard to look away.

The down side to working on a computer at this level is CVS- computer vision syndrome. You may recognize this condition as that strained, tired feeling your eyes get after a few hours of work on your computer. Other side effects are: burning of the eyes, blurred or double vision, headaches, neck and shoulder pain.

Computers aren’t going away- but CVS can, at least a little. To find out ways to lessen the frequency of headaches, keep reading.

Reposition your computer

You want your computer screen to be at arm’s length away from your face, and positioned directly in front of you- not to the side. So, set your laptop or keyboard on a desk to where your arms can stretch out and rest. If possible, center the monitor 4-8 inches below your eyes to help alleviate some strain from your neck.

Ensure proper lighting

To start, let’s do the visor test. While looking at the monitor, cup your hand over your forehead, hovering over your eyes, like a baseball cap. If your eyes and head immediately feel better, you know you need to adjust the lighting- either darken the screen or lessen the contrast.

Find whatever is most comfortable for your eyes, you will be looking at this screen all day, so do what you can to prevent damage onto your body.

Follow guidelines for good posture

This step is great for lessening the pressure on your back, neck, and shoulders. When those areas of your body feel better, so will your eyes. The rule of thumb is shrug your shoulders up, then back, and lastly, down. If you feel your back muscles firming up you’ve done it right. This new position may feel weird at first, and that’s okay, our bodies aren’t usually used to sitting in this position if we aren’t constantly practicing good posture habits.

Blink frequently

Dry eyes are a common cause to CVS. Blinking more often than usual helps moisturize our eyes preventing redness, and irritation. If this doesn’t seem to do the trick, keep some lubricating eye drops at your desk and use them when needed. Remember, your eyes are most important- so keep them protected.

Reduce glare

Computer savvy individuals know all the tricks- and this is one of them. Install an anti-glare filter on your monitor. This is especially useful if your room or office has many windows. Close shades to where you won’t have a glare, but also won’t be in the dark- it’s all about finding happy mediums and comfort zones.

Have your eyes checked regularly

It’s always important to get your eyes checked by a professional on a frequent basis- especially if you work on a computer all day. If you need a new or changed prescription, and wearing an old one for the time being, using a computer will be difficult, period.

Keeping up with the productivity of work flow is imperative to our daily jobs. Putting your body’s health on the back burner is never the answer, or a good idea. Technology is a gift and we need to use it to it’s full advantage. If you need help implementing these tools into your computer, give Vann Data a call today! We are happy to assist you with any of your computer servicing needs.



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