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Vann Data’s 5 Ways to Increase Work Efficiency

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Mon, Jul 17, 2017 at 1:25PM

Vann Data’s 5 Ways to Increase Work Efficiency

By now, we are all well aware of productivity applications that swear to change performance- but sometimes all it takes is a change in habits and environment.

Looking for ways to get more accomplished at the office? Take a look at Vann Data’s low-tech ways to increase productivity at work.

Organize your space

First things first- an organized space creates organized work. When your desk is a mess, your work will reflect what’s around you. if you have a clear and concise work space, then your flow will mimic what it sees. Having a clutter-free desk and area helps you think more clearly and produce better results.

Get the heavy stuff out of the way

When you get into work, look at your to-do list and decide what you are dreading to do, or what will take the longest, and get it out of the way immediately. If you see a task you don’t want to do, rather than pushing it off, get it off your list as soon as you can. You will find your day is much lighter and swifter once that task is off your list.

What’s important?

Focus on the things that are top priority. It’s always best to get things to those we need it, or are waiting for it. Then, once you have completed those top priority tasks, move onto the things that don’t have such a pressing deadline. Remember, you always want to add value to the company and your fellow employees- this will help all members out and secure your position.

Minimize your email

That’s right, don’t look at it for a while. This sounds alarming to most, and opposite of what seems ‘right’ but trust us it makes a huge difference. The reason is, when your email is constantly up, you get a notification each time one comes in. When you see the new email, it’s only natural to read and respond to it right away- even if it’s not time sensitive.

Instead, set aside ten or so minutes each hour so you don’t lose focus and get off track on what you were previously doing. Setting aside email intervals will allow you to respond accordingly, rather than in an overwhelmed manner.

Take short breaks

When you leave your computer screen, or work space every so often, you are giving your brain a chance to breathe. Although it may seem like time is wasted when stepping away from your computer, the work you put out will be of higher quality and less chance of you having to go back and correct a bunch of things. Essentially, you are able to do the project once and move on.

Automate work when possible

If you work with the internet, which most professions require, then it’s possible to automate some of your work. Like having auto response emails, scheduling posts ahead of time, or upgrading your latest software. Little alterations like this go a long way when you need to save time and overhead.

At Vann Data, we hope these tools will help the efficiency of your workplace and allow for a more personal, organized, stress-free work environment. And, don’t forget, if you need any help with computer maintenance, IT support, or technological business solutions- we are always here to help you and your Central Florida business!

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