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7 Tips for Computing in the Great Outdoors

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Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 2:13PM

7 Tips for Computing in the Great Outdoors

As the weather cools down here in Florida, you might be itching to spend more time outdoors… even if it means bringing your work outside with you!

Fortunately, today’s lightweight tech and ultra-connected cloud systems make it easier than ever to do just that. If you’re clocking in outdoors this fall, just take a look at today’s blog for a few easy tips.

Safety first

We all feel a little apprehension when it comes to bringing our tech outdoors, but a few simple safety measures can help you keep your gear safe and sound as you brave the elements. First and foremost? Invest in a protective case—whether it be for your phone, tablet or laptop—so that accidental slips or scuffs don’t leave lasting damage on your device. Also, as a good rule of thumb, be sure to work in safe, simple outdoor spaces. Think more public parks and outdoor cafes, and less busy streets and rocky beaches.

Keep it simple

Also, make an effort to simplify your outdoor experience. There’s a reason you’re leaving the office, after all, and it probably has something to do with clearing your mind of distractions. Identify simple tasks you can do on your laptop/tablet without the need for additional documents and gear—maybe that means drafting a letter, catching up on emails, or researching information online.

Embrace your “out of the office” message… and mindset

Now is the time to make use of that “out of the office” message on your email! Don’t feel bad about taking a break and carving out some time outdoors for yourself.

Be wary of water

Water is another safety risk to be aware of. Even on a dry, sunny day, sneaky sources of water (like dew on the grass or condensation on patio tables) can be present—so look out for them, and place your devices on a barrier (like a case or even a towel in a pinch) to keep them dry.

Find your anchor…

Whenever you work outdoors, you can benefit from an “anchor” where you can recharge your computer and your mind. Working by a coffee shop means that you’ll probably have access to wi-fi and power outlets, for example. If you prefer a more solitary route, bring along a portable battery to charge your laptop even when you’re away from electricity.

… and an inspiring view

Finding that perfect view (whether it be a nearby pond or a cozy cluster of trees) can help you focus, unwind, and get more done.

Enjoy a comfy dose of shade

Finally, don’t forget about shade! Ideally, you would sit down at a shade-covered spot where you can cool down and avoid glare from the sun, making your laptop or tablet less readable. If the shade is hard to come by, you can actually pick up a shade device for your tech that covers the screen and makes it easier to see and use.

We hope that today’s blog helps you make the move outdoors an easier one. After all, what better place to work than your own personal “home office” at the heart of Florida’s fall paradise?








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