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5 Business Benefits of Using a Cloud Service

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Fri, Jun 08, 2018 at 9:55AM

5 Business Benefits of Using a Cloud Service

You’ve likely heard of cloud computing. Chances are good you already use some applications to perform daily business functions. What might not be as readily apparent are the major benefits cloud-based services provide.

At the core, cloud computing (often referred to simply as “the cloud”) enables business leaders to store and access information and services online. This eliminates reliance on local storage, such as computer hard drives and servers. While there are many advantages to cloud computing (both professional and recreational), business leaders especially benefit.

In fact, researchers predict stored cloud information will quintuple by 2020, according to recent data compiled by Cisco. In this article, you’ll learn how cloud computing boosts productivity, improves customer service, and contributes to increased employee satisfaction and heightened morale.

1) Streamlined Operations

Collaboration is at the heart of any successful business. It’s integral that employees are able to access, edit, and share documents and files from any location, at any time. Cloud-based applications remove the obstacles of time zone and geography.

In addition, you won’t have to factor in costly upgrades to hardware and software. Instead, when you work with a reputable Florida IT outsourcing firm, you get the peace of mind that your business is consistently equipped with the latest technology innovations.

2) Instant Access to New Software

No one likes having to wait for upgraded versions of depended-upon software, and then being forced to schedule “down time” while it’s updated on each computer in the office. This only frustrates employees and burns up precious time.

Cloud computing makes it possible to implement the latest software as soon as its introduced. Upgrades are immediate, which means employees can learn and use new features and functions in minutes, not days.

In addition, unlike the old way where you might have to wait a year for new software (and then commit significant time to deploy it at your workplace), cloud software enhancements are frequently released.  

3) Outstanding Disaster Recovery

In a perfect business environment, there would never be a data breach or loss. Unfortunately, recent headlines have made it clear that today’s companies are under constant threat of compromised information.

Cloud services help level the playing field, arming small and medium-sized businesses with valuable tools to prevent and recover from data disaster scenarios.  

4) Seamless Growth  

A major concern for any business owner remains scalability. You need products and services that can accommodate company growth without delay or upgrade requirements. This agility of operations presents a valuable advantage over competitors bogged down by the logistics of business growth.

Best of all, working with dedicated professionals committed to stellar IT support in Daytona Beach and the surrounding region ensures consistent network management and monitoring. This allows you more time to focus on fostering the success of your business endeavor.  

5) Expert Assistance

As you explore the benefits of cloud services, it’s important to partner with a Florida IT outsourcing firm that shares a commitment to the long-term prosperity of your business.

For years, we’ve been the trusted resource for countless Central Florida companies. In addition to cloud services, we offer a wide variety of other helpful assistance. That includes proactive IT management, disaster recovery, enterprise wireless, helpdesk services, and more.

In addition, we’re proud to be the reliable leader for computer repair in Deltona and across Volusia County. Contact us today to see how Vann Data can help streamline your business.


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