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How are you safely securing your home network?

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Sun, Jan 25, 2015 at 12:25PM

Your work computer may be safe and secure, but what about your home computer? You and I both know that the kids are going to who-knows-what kind of websites. Here are a couple of tips that doesn’t take a tech to safely secure your home network from catching those bugs.

Tip 1: Router is Your First Line of Defense

When you first purchase your network they tend to install your wireless router with a default password and user. At that time you should immediately change your default password to a difficult or also known as strong password. When choosing a password be sure that it is not the same as any other password you have used for your social media account or an easily guessed password. You will want to do this because if not done so, you are putting your computer at risk.

Tip 2: Blocking sites by Keywords and Domains

Most routers have the capability of editing settings and basic setup of your internet connection. In your security section there should be an option where you can block sites by typing in specific keywords and domains. This could be very important in case your child decides to stumble on a page or ad that is not appropriate for them to see or read. This is also useful because spam sites like those are the most vulnerable to viruses.

Tip 3: Shutting Down Services

This refers to websites like games, chat, and other programs that require you to open an alternative program to run specific ports. Webpages that are not encrypted poses as a threat to the computer because it is communicating in an unclear coding. To make sure your computer is not threaten, always completely exist the website or program.  

To find out more information about how to safely secure your home network read the full article here:

How are you safely securing your home network?

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