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How to Keep Your Company's Data Secure

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Thu, Mar 14, 2019 at 3:20PM

How to Keep Your Company's Data Secure

Recent news headlines read like a cautionary tale. Scores of businesses across the country have fallen victim to cyber-crime. Even among outlets where security is a major focus, hackers have detected and capitalized on vulnerabilities. As data is stolen, client and customer trust and loyalty also disappears. Thankfully, it’s possible to avoid that same fate at your organization.

The process starts by partnering with a Florida IT outsourcing firm well versed with security, disaster recovery, and other essential business technology services. Read on to discover the best ways to keep your company’s data secure.

Identify Private Information and Implement Safeguards

Regardless of the size and outreach of your business, there will be information that’s intended for only a few trusted individuals. While determining and categorizing this data can seem like an overwhelming task, it’s best to start small, while keeping a focus on the larger security goals of your company.

As you take time and energy away from your busy schedule to focus on this integral endeavor, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to let other provisions fall by the wayside. For example, by partnering with reliable professionals expert at IT support in Daytona Beach, your clients and customers will never detect an interruption in service.

Create and Enforce Comprehensive Data Access and Use Policies

Keeping your business protected against cyber theft is a team effort. That means it’s in your best interest to ensure all employees are on board and adherent to important policies and procedures. First, identify how confidential information at your organization is entered, processed, and distributed. Determine who has access to this data, and if that access is appropriate and essential to their role in the company.

Next, put in place separate practices for other sensitive data such as employee records, customer information, executive communication, and intellectual property. Remember that trusted and reputable professionals are on hand to assist you with all aspects of your Daytona networks and other technology needs.

Place a Priority on Cybersecurity

If you don’t already have at least a basic cybersecurity plan in place for your business, there’s no time to lose in implementing this integral policy. In addition, even current strategies must be consistently updated to keep up with changing technology.

Start by creating strong passwords for your company’s sensitive information. Ensure employees use hard-to-hack passwords for all business-related tasks. Develop and enforce a social media and web use policy. This helps you regulate what websites are being accessed via your network.

Next, make sure all tech equipment is up-to-date and in good working order. Doing so improves the overall productivity of your office.

Team with a Reliable IT Partner

Your working days are busy. As you keep a laser focus on the growth and prosperity of your company, it’s good to know that professional assistance is available to help you create a consistently-smooth operation and customer experience.

For years, we’ve been the go-to resource for businesses across Central Florida. Fulfilling a variety of technology needs, we specialize in proactive IT management, cloud services, IT planning and budgeting, enterprise wireless, and more. In addition, we’ve built a solid reputation as the premier outlet for Ormond Beach computer repair. Contact us today to learn more about how you can implement and improve a detailed data security plan at your business.

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