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IBM Constructs Brain-like Computer Chip

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Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 1:45PM

                IBM are attempting to push the boundaries of computer service by building a computer chip that functions more like a human brain than any previous invention. The unique design of the chip would allow for execution of numerous tasks with human-like conclusions, depending on how a programmer would like the chip to function. The research associated with the invention was published in Science magazine on Thursday.

                The secret behind the functionality of this computer chip is the use of “cores.” Brains possess distinct cores that process data and interact with each other to devise conclusions that allow people to function. Most computer chips, however, can only perform extremely quick calculations one at a time, making it unfeasible to draw conclusions that humans can. However, this IBM-designed chip contains 4,096 cores each, allowing for more accurate data analysis, especially when multiple chips are used in one structure.

                Among the functions that IBM hopes these chips can perform are the ability to detect diseases in people, navigation of terrain for possible rescue missions, and the capability “see” the world and relay instructions for blind people.

                One of IBM’s leading researchers Dharmendra Modha went as far as to call the invention “a genuinely radical innovation” that many people said would be impossible. However, after 10 years and tens of millions of dollars in funding, the corporation may have made an important breakthrough in the development of advanced artificial intelligence.

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