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Our Tips for Boosting Personal Productivity

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Fri, Jul 15, 2016 at 7:15AM

Summer is all about fun, relaxation and a laidback mindset—all traits which, unfortunately, don’t necessarily translate well into productivity at work. Whether you work primarily at home or simply haven’t found your perfect routine at work, we’re sharing a few tips for boosting your productivity on the job.

Pick a productive hour

Many of us have a time of day that simply lends itself to better productivity—find your time and get used to making the most of it. This will often mean waking up early, allowing yourself time to enjoy a cup of coffee, and getting started on your tasks for the day before they start to overwhelm you.

Of course, your job may not allow you to work on your own schedule, but you can still plan out your time at home and at work using this idea. For example, you can save easier tasks for those times of the day when you feel less inspired, reserving your peak hours for bigger projects and goals.

Refocus your day

Many times you may feel unproductive, when really you’re simply trying to juggle too much. Think about refocusing your day so that you have one or two key tasks to accomplish. You’ll see better results on these tasks and a clearer, more productive mindset all day long.

Identify common distractions…

What are the things that keep you from doing your job? Take note of them whenever they occur—whether it be phone calls, distracting notifications, etc. –and work to avoid them when you can.

…and block them, when possible

While you can’t necessarily prevent certain distractions (such as cars honking or dogs barking), you can certainly control the ones on your desk. Change your phone settings to receive less notifications, route unwanted emails to a spam folder, and avoid phone calls and messages—unless they’re emergencies—during your peak hours.

Get that second (or third) monitor

If you frequently juggle multiple tasks on your computer, getting a second or third monitor could help you to boost productivity. It will allow you to do the things you’re already doing, but with the benefit of more screen space—so there’s no more endlessly sorting through windows and tabs!

Synchronize dates, reminders, and more

With phones, tablets and computers frequently being used for work, it’s easy to make a note of something on one device and forget about it completely when working on another. To avoid this common problem, you can synchronize important dates and other reminders across all of your devices so that you’re always up to date and in the know.

These tips should get you well on your way to better, more productive workdays—however, if you think extra resources such as cloud services and document management might help you achieve even more, let us know! We’d be happy to help you find solutions that work for you.

Our Tips for Boosting Personal Productivity

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