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Safeguarding What Matters with Preparation—Not Luck

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Mon, Feb 13, 2017 at 10:50AM

Safeguarding What Matters with Preparation—Not Luck

As we approach St. Patrick's Day, you may be thinking about your luck--do you have enough of it? Or do you need to start collecting wishbones and four-leaf clovers to give yourself a boost?

Put the superstitions aside--at least when it comes to your computer! In terms of protecting your device, and business, from potential problems, the best method is always preparation.

In today's blog, we're seeing just how far preparedness can go in protecting your computer, business, and livelihood. Take a look!

Storm prep--long before the storm

If a hurricane is on its way, you batten down the hatches a few days earlier with shutters, plywood, and plenty of provisions--but when it comes to protecting your computer or business, storm preparation starts months in advance. In fact, the best time to establish a disaster recovery plan for your business is when the weather's perfect and hurricane season is still months away--because it gives you time to ensure that your files, client information, and necessary work is safely accounted for (and will be, no matter what kind of weather you see later on!).

Password smarts

It may feel like a test of luck, or a guessing game, whenever it comes time to remember your password for a specific site. Fortunately, you can take the guesswork out of passwords with a bit of thoughtful planning. Find a password system that works for you (one that you can remember, is hard to guess, and changes in memorable ways from site to site) so that you're not left scratching your head at the login screen.

Backups of what matters

Whether you're a family photographer or CEO of a growing business, you can benefit from frequent backups. These backups--like regular "savings" of your most important documents and materials--eliminate the need for luck when it comes to computer continuity. So even if all else goes wrong, and your plan A turns into a plan B, C, D and then E, you can still rest easy knowing that your important files were not lost along the way. It's the ultimate contingency plan, and--with the right system--you don't even have to think about it.

Do you have questions about any of the items discussed in today's blog? Give us a call today! We'll help you work out the business solution that's perfect for your needs.

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