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Simplifying Your Tech with 7 Easy Steps

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Tue, Aug 02, 2016 at 5:50PM

Simplifying Your Tech with 7 Easy Steps

Did you know that the first week of August is National Simplify Your Life Week? We can always benefit from any excuse to take some time and evaluate how we can make our lives a little simpler, and a little easier. In today’s blog, we will be looking at seven easy ways to simplify your tech in an effort to achieve a simpler life.

Clean up your desktop

No one likes a cluttered desktop—not only is it unpleasant to look at, but it can prevent you from finding the files or programs you need when you need them. Cut down on unnecessary programs or bloatware that you no longer need, or consolidate the programs you do need into simple folders with easy-to-understand names. The next time you download a file or program, be sure to route it directly where you want it to go—for example, don’t automatically store new downloads on your desktop—to keep your workspace as neat as possible.

Sync your tech

Syncing up your devices may seem difficult now—but it’s not! Once you make the decision to do it, you will be able to enjoy the simplicity that comes with having important dates, contacts and more on each of your devices.

Organize wires, chargers and extra gear

Sometimes, the physical clutter of wires, cords, chargers and extra tech gear can get messy. You can combat this problem by creating simple storage solutions for these items. For example, an under-desk basket can easily contain wires so they don’t get tangled or create a visual distraction in your workspace. You can also designate a specific drawer or old pencil box to serve as a container for extra chargers that you don’t want to lose or get rid of. You’ll know exactly where to go the next time you need something!

Take the paperless route

Devote some time to scanning and organizing paper documents so that they become digital, easy-to-find copies on your computer. This will help you cut down on physical clutter and improve your filing system in the future.

Follow a simple file naming system

It can be tempting to download files and keep their given names—but when you do this, you might soon end up with a folder full of downloads named things like “X74GDEWDF64” or “1itgdjssl555,” which doesn’t allow for easy searching and finding later on. The next time you’re browsing the web, save files with names that make sense and can be easily filed for future use.

Simplify your passwords

A notebook filled with usernames and passwords isn’t necessarily the safest way to store your information—and it’s not simple to use, either. To make every website login a little simpler, come up with a password algorithm—a password naming system that’s personal to you, that uses letters and numbers and includes small changes depending on the website you’re visiting.

Customize your settings for simplicity and an undistracted environment

If you’re tired of receiving endless emails or desktop notifications, enter into the program or website involved and customize your settings to prevent them. Your new work environment will be much simpler and less distracting.

We hope that today’s blog helps you achieve a simpler, more productive everyday routine.

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