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Daytona Beach Businesses: Cost Effective Solutions for 2016

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Tue, Jan 19, 2016 at 2:50AM

As we head into 2016, you’re no doubt reflecting on the successes and mistakes of the past year and looking for ways to improve them in the coming months. Fortunately, if you’re a business owner, there are plenty of ways to improve your business practices for a more successful and lucrative 2016. We’re looking at a few of these cost saving solutions below.

Go paperless

You’ve heard it time and time again, but making the transition to a paperless office can dramatically improve your day-to-day operations—and, of course, save you money in the process. Going paperless will allow you to cut down on storage and printing costs, and can prevent costly mistakes that can occur when you lose or damage an important document.

And of course, when all of your documents are online, many workday tasks are easier and more efficient, allowing you to do more in less time!

Invest in stronger security

As a business owner, you know that security mishaps can be costly. Protect sensitive information by investing in preemptive security against damage done by malware, viruses and other threats you may find online.

Remember, the initial cost of increased security for your business is typically much less than the cost of retrieving or replacing information after it has been compromised.

Outsource certain tasks

One of the most important things to know as a business owner is that you can’t (and shouldn’t!) always try to do everything on your own. A successful business is one that excels in what it knows best—and delegates, or outsources, tasks that require outside expertise. Outsourcing offers a large, cost saving advantage because it offers help when needed but eliminates the need for in-house employees.

Monitor employee spending

Many businesses may be unwittingly losing money when it comes to employee spending. This can happen in a variety of ways. Even if your employees aren’t actively being deceitful on expense reports, for example, they may be costing you more money by not knowing which items or services qualify and which don’t. They may also be spending more than is necessary. To combat this potential area for loss, you may want to consider training or retraining your employees and letting them know what your expense policy is—if you don’t already have one in place, now is the perfect time to put one together. And, as always, be sure to closely monitor the charges that your employees are claiming so as to be sure nothing slips by without you knowing. A few small changes in this area can help you save lots of money now and throughout the year.

Do it right the first time

For your most lucrative year in business yet, keep this simple rule of thumb in mind: preemptive measures and doing things right the first time will often prevent bigger and costlier mistakes down the line. Whether this means investing in better storage to avoid having to replace or recover documents later on, or taking efforts to improve security, preventative measures are always smart.

Are you looking for cost effective solutions for your business in 2016? We can help! Contact us today for help with storage, security and other business needs you may have.

Daytona Beach Businesses: Cost Effective Solutions for 2016

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