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How Fast and Reliable Internet Helps Your Business Grow

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Thu, Dec 06, 2018 at 4:10PM

How Fast and Reliable Internet Helps Your Business Grow

Researchers estimate more than half of the world's population now has reliable Internet access. In an era of increased mobile use, it's likely that most of your customers are accessing information from their smartphones, tablets, and other personal devices.

These users don't have the time or patience to wait for content to load. Instead, when people can't quickly find the data needed, they simply move on to another outlet. In fact, after just a three-second wait time, nearly a third of web users begin searching for alternative means by which to accomplish their business goals. That's according to 2017 research from Google.

So, in order to survive in this highly-competitive tech landscape, you need a Florida IT staffing partner who understands the intricacies of today's digital trends. Thankfully, securing essential assistance is simple and affordable. Read on to discover the importance of fast web speed for your business.

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

At first glance, a few extra seconds of wait time might not seem like cause for concern. But when added up throughout the day, slow Internet creates a significant dent in productivity. Along with precious minutes that are lost, the potential for adverse team member morale is heightened. Workers will be forced to endure embarrassing “technical difficulties” while attempting to use teleconferencing and screen-sharing tools.

Today, many companies rely on web-based applications (Microsoft Online, Google Docs, and similar).  If your organization is unable or seems unwilling to participate, leaders at other companies with which you do business will become wary of and skeptical at your hesitation.

From a customer standpoint, slow connections give the impression of a company that’s behind the times or otherwise places a low priority on emerging technology. In a business setting where “perception is reality,” this concept often results in decreased business and customer/client retention. Avoid these scenarios by teaming with a firm well-versed with Daytona networks. Skilled and dedicated professionals can ensure your Internet speed is always on par with competitors, drastically reducing the chance that customers and clients will seek business alternatives.

Enhanced Security and Performance

In today’s business setting, your customers naturally expect to be able to download large files (images, videos, PDF, presentations) without any hesitation. In addition, team members require dependable access to cloud storage. In both scenarios, slow connections make achieving tasks an arduous affair, bringing production to a standstill and creating unnecessary customer consternation.

By contrast, dependable high-speed Internet solutions come standard with a dedicated connection. This helps build and maintain a strong online presence (company website, social media). You can also provide customers and clients with enhanced media such as streaming content, on-demand file access, and more.

From a security standpoint, cybercriminals are actively searching for companies with technical vulnerabilities. Hackers will take full advantage of any weaknesses they discover. Don’t give these data thieves the satisfaction. If you’re unsure of where to start, it’s best to partner with a firm expert at Orlando IT support and a wealth of other technology services.

Opportunities for Tech Mastery

Commanding a strong technology presence goes far beyond looks or boasting rights. Today, staying on top of emerging tech trends is essential for future business growth. Still, when you’re focused on day-to-day prosperity of your company, it’s not always easy to dedicate the necessary time to this endeavor. That’s when it makes sense to partner with a Florida IT outsourcing firm that can help take your company’s vision and mission to a new level.

Through the years, Vann Data has quickly become the go-to resource for companies across Central Florida. Regardless of size or number of employees, we can help you brainstorm and implement a long-term technology plan for your organization. Along with Palm Coast computer repair, we also specialize in a wide variety of tech solutions. That includes network and IT security, cloud services, enterprise wireless, IT planning and budgeting, and more. Contact us today to learn more about how simple and affordable it is to bring the latest advancements in technology to your business. 

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