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Records and Information Management Month: Why We Go Paperless

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Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 2:06PM

Records and Information Management Month: Why We Go Paperless

Happy Records and Information Management Month! While we wouldn't call this month widely observed (or even well-known), we think it's the perfect time to get smart about office documentation.

A big part of implementing smart, efficient document organization is to embrace the future: to go paperless.

The paperless office (or one very close to being paperless) isn't a one-trick pony, however. It's a multi-pronged approach for ensuring the highest efficiency, on and off the computer.

In honor of Records and Information Management Month, see why the paperless office is more than a trend--and why it's the perfect fit for your own company.


One of the most appreciated aspects of a paperless office is, of course, the ability to safeguard your information as well as that of your clients and industry contacts. Security breaches happen, and not always in nefarious ways (an employee might leave a document at a public place accidentally, for example). When your documents are online, instead of in person and on physical printed paper, they're that much easier to keep track of (and out of the wrong hands).


Save yourself the trouble (and time) it takes to find a document you swore you remember filing. Like we mentioned above, accidents happen--but it's hard to "misplace" a virtual document when it's named according to a specific system and saved in more places than one. Imagine the time you'll free up by no longer having to sift through stacks of paper or file folders that aren't quite as well-organized as you remembered.

Physical space

The paperless office frees up lots of physical space, too. While it's a means of efficiency that makes sense in virtually any office setting, it works especially well for companies that are trying to grow while dealing with space and resource constraints. Ditch the bulky, towering file cabinets and add an extra desk, or a much-needed water cooler, or just about anything else you might need.

Keeping up with the times

A paperless space enables you to keep up with the times--not just the current state of your industry, but with real-time changes in client information, names, numbers, addresses, and more. You can easily edit and re-save virtual documents to reflect changes like these--much more easily than, say, using white-out or printing out a new form altogether!

If you're interested in learning more about the manifold benefits of a paperless space, give us a call! We'd be more than happy to help you sort it all out.

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