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Daytona IT Services: Keep Your Remote Employees Engaged with Our 4 Tips

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Thu, Mar 11, 2021 at 11:22AM

Daytona IT Services: Keep Your Remote Employees Engaged with Our 4 Tips

Working from home has offered a myriad of benefits to companies and employees alike, such as reduced turnover rate and better work-life balance. With so much of the workforce staying at home now, the challenge turns to how we keep them engaged, motivated, and tuned into company values. If your team is still coordinating through a virtual space, follow our 4 tips on how to engage with them and keep spirits high in a hard time.

Allow Them to Control Their Schedules

Sending employees home at the beginning of the pandemic was not just a necessity, but a leap of faith as well. Now that they are at home, it is important to keep in mind that they are working in an environment much less controlled than the office and it is possible for any number of emergencies to pop up and demand immediate attention. Furthermore, focus not on when they are getting their work done but what they are achieving. Aside from obligations to scheduled meetings or teleconferences, employees should be allowed to get their work done whenever they would like which is sure to create a happier team.

Foster an Active Community

One of the most consistent issues with working from home has been the sense of isolation that some employees may feel. Failing to address this problem appropriately will create a less happy and more dejected workforce. Your management efforts should be spent finding ways to bring remote employees together, either through various channels on a messaging medium or a peer-to-peer recognition platform. There are certainly enough resources available for us to still provide employees with that feeling of being in the same room as someone else.

Provide Developmental Tools

Show your appreciation for your team by offering professional developmental tools. Not only will employees see that you value their contributions, but they will also feel motivated to apply themselves in new ways for you. Consider reviewing different mentorships, remote webinars, and online education that you can offer to employees to assist them in their career paths while working from home. Offering valuable professional development will minimize your turnover rate and add to your employer brand.

Demonstrate Consistent Recognition

There are not many things more dejecting for employees than feeling unseen and unrecognized for their accomplishments. Recognition has been shown to have the biggest impact on employee engagement and a recent report from Achievers shows that a whopping 82% of employees wish they received more recognition. Adding to that statistic is sure to result in a less engaged and shrinking workforce, so actively seek out opportunities to send and receive words of praise. This fosters a culture of appreciation that will keep employees happy to work for you.

By using these tips, we guarantee that you can optimize the conditions thrust upon us from the pandemic to foster a workforce more motivated than ever before. Working from home offers benefits in and of itself, but the onus is on business owners to provide their teams with the necessary resources to remain recognized and engaged. For any and all assistance regarding IT solutions for your business, contact Vann Data – Daytona Beach’s premier IT support company.

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