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In the Office: Time Wasters and Time Savers

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Thu, Mar 09, 2017 at 3:30PM

In the Office: Time Wasters and Time Savers

Anyone who's ever worked in an office setting has had their share of productive days... and not-so-fruitful ones. What's the key to making the most of your time at work?

We hope to help you find out! In today's blog, we will be going over some of the most common time wasters you may be doing--as well as a few time savers, or productive activities that can help you stay on track all day long. Take a look.

Time waster: Constant email checking

Checking your email isn't exactly a task you can go without, of course--but today's modern smartphone makes it easier than ever to receive notifications about messages you don't really need to check right now.

Time saver: Getting rid of unnecessary messages

How can you make sure that only the important messages get your attention? Vann Data's email filtering system will ensure that spam and other unwanted messages don't interrupt your concentration on other key activities--so when you do get a notification of a new email, you know that it's something relevant to the task at hand.

Time waster: Procrastinating big tasks

We're all probably guilty of procrastinating from time to time. As a big task looms, we tend to gravitate toward things that are less productive but much easier to do (like, for example, checking our email, heading out for a snack, rearranging our workspace, etc.).

Time saver: Creating a handy to-do list

A to-do list may seem like it wouldn't help the problem of procrastination--after all, isn't a to-do list of tasks exactly what procrastinators are adept at avoiding? However, if you craft a to-do list made especially for times when you feel like procrastinating, you may find that it can help you knock out smaller (but just as important) items. For example, having a list of correspondences to return or new ideas to research can help you turn potentially wasted time into productive time.

Time waster: Searching for hard-to-find documents

It can be frustrating to spend more than a minute or two searching for client info, mockups, contracts and other important documents--especially if your paper (or digital) organization system isn't as clear-cut as you had intended.

Time saver: Finding items with ease

At Vann Data, we can help you go paperless--eliminating the need for sifting through dozens of hard copies--and turn your digital organization system into one that easily tracks the vital documents you're looking for.

We hope that today's blog helps you achieve more in your workday. Every one of us has the same 24 hours in the day--these tips, and a bit of mental planning, should help you get the most out of yours!

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